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Mentor scheme is offered to youth who need support and guidance from a positive role model in order to structure their lives.

The mentor is a positive role model for young people.

The mentor prepares an action plan together with the young.

The action plan is an individually compiled plan to achieve the objectives the young people want to achieve.

Mentorship activities may be very different in character, but fall into three groups:

• A mentor to provide practical help, for example to help the young to

structure his/her life - such as finding school, work or home

• Communication aids, for example to help the young people to

communicate with the public authorities, banks or creditors.

• Personal assistance, for example advice and conversation about work

and education, help to enhance confidence, take control of emotional life

or build relationships with family, motivate the young person and help to

get out of addictions, build up social network, raise awareness in relation

to crime, accountability in relation to their own life and the like.

The various forms of help are often connected and depend on each other.Especially the personal assistance can be viewed as a cornerstone of the relationship between the young person and mentor.The scheme is meant to help, not control.

However, there may be elements of control, such as checking, whether the young people go to work. But it is more an informal social control than a direct formal control the young people know from the authorities.

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Social mentoring:

These schemes are described as one of the initiatives in ”New paths to employment”, March 2006, and is aimed at people with great personal or social problems that may have difficulty in structuring their dailyday and getting on with job search.

· They can not cope with making contact, for example, to doctor, bank,

or socialworker.

· They can not cope with going to the interview.

· They need someone – like a social mentor – who can help them 24

hours a day with even the smallest things.

· A social mentor is a professional who can help people with personal

or social problems to deal with these problems while they are

applying for jobs, and when they are in the proces of coming into

work. Help from social mentor can be crucial to whether the effort to

get the individual into the labor market becomes a success or a


· Social mentor does not deal with workplace-related issues, as the

current mentors do, but only with the social and personal


· A social mentor assists with a holistic approach to the challenges and

demands of everyday life that will be associated with the new work


· It can, for example be problems that a person easily gets beaten of

the first adversity, has difficulties in structuring the dailyday and

maybe has problems to get a grip on the economy.

· The social mentor is an experimental system in which the mentor first

and foremost is available outside office hours. The social mentor

replaces no existing mentoring, which is designed to assist the

individuals at the working place.

Facts about mentor:

The term ”mentor” comes from Greek mythology, where Mentor was the man who Odysses chose to guide his son Telemachus, while he himself sailed out to win the Trojan War. The term is later being used as the name for a reliable and often older mentor.

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